One of conference purposes is to let researchers to share or present their research findings or innovative ideas among peers. Therefore, if you submit an abstract, the staff will sent out your abstract into the review process. Otherwise, if you submit a full paper, the staff will sent out your full paper into the review process. Once your abstract passes the review process, your abstract will be included in the proceedings. Otherwise, once your full paper passes the review process, your full paper will be included in the proceedings. Accordingly, submitting an abstract or a full-length paper fully depends on your choice. As noted, the journal editorial board usually require your journal paper must more than 50% of different from your conference paper (or conference abstract).
Some researchers like Talk-Presentation, while one advantage of a poster session is that people can have a back-and-forth discussion which is impossible in a talk. This is especially important for the presentation containing computations which are notoriously tricky and need tripping up even experts if they aren't paying close attention to the details. Meanwhile, some researchers like Talk-Presentations which reach a wider audience.
For any questions regarding the tour, please directly contact the Secretariat of TSHF 2019 at
Registration fee is used to cover all conference operation costs. As you know, it is very expensive to hold an international conference while maintaining quality service to all participants.Therefore, all conference participants including conference chairs, advisory committee members, international committee members, session chairs, and workshop chairs have to pay the registration fee.
No matter the paper is single authored or multiple authored, each paper must be paid by at least one author as long as you like to have the paper to be published in the proceedings.
Please go to the website The information on the website indicates that you need to apply for a visa if your nationality is not listed in the exempt entry and landing visa countries. Otherwise, you do not need to apply for a visa. For any further questions, please contact your local travel agent for more details about Visa application.
Each attendee will receive a package (including conference program, proceedings, payment receipt, presentation certificate, and so one) in front of the check-in counter at the conference site. That is, as other conferences do, every participants will receive the payment receipt when attending the conference. That is why your institution usually reimburse your registration fee, airline tickets and accommodation after you attended the conference and came back to your country. As you know, the consumers will receive the accommodation invoice after paying the hotel fees, the customers will receive the purchasing certificate from the airline company after purchasing the airline ticket, and the authors will receive the acceptance letter after submitting their papers and passing the review process. Your understanding is appreciated.
Yes, as other conferences do, the conference staff must use the system to manage hundreds of submissions and subsequent processes (i.e., review, registration, payment) as well as arrange session program and produce proceedings through the website system. Therefore, please always submit your abstracts or papers as well as edit your profile via the website system. Besides, please always use the paper number for any further communication.
If the conference receives your written cancellation email before 1 May 2019, the US$ 50 cancellation charge will be imposed and the balance registration fee will be returned to you.
If the conference receive your written cancellation email after 1 May and before 1 June 2019, the US$ 150 cancellation charge will be imposed and the balance registration fee will be returned to you.
If the conference receive your written cancellation email after 1 June and before 15 June 2019, the US$ 250 cancellation charge will be imposed and the balance registration fee will be returned to you.
If the conference receive your written cancellation email after 15 June 2019, the paid registration fee will not be refunded.
As all academic conferences do, the conference will not publish paper proceedings without having the participants to pay their registration fees before the registration deadline. Organizing such a scale of international conference requires many laborious works. Therefore, if many authors ask paying the registration fee upon arriving at the conference site, the conference cannot be held successfully and takes a great risk. Hence, the staff cannot make a decision or authorize for your request. The staff must follow the academic rules. On site registration is definitely welcome, but paper will not be published in the conference proceedings. Your understanding and kind cooperation greatly help the conference offer quality services and rich events to all participants.
As you know, as other conference do, the staff must use paper number to manage hundreds of submissions and requests, trace and manage subsequent a series of processes such as review, registration, payment, session arrangement, and proceedings production. The paper number is unique while the name may not be unique and appear in several papers. Furthermore, some participants may be pure attendees without submitting any papers. Therefore, please help the staff manage dozens of requests and matters by using paper number per day. Thanks.


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