Opening Speaker

Prof. Yoichiro Matsumoto

President of Tokyo University of Science, Japan

Speech Title:Recent Progress, Development, and Innovation of Photocatalysis

Prof. Akira Fujishima

Tokyo University of Science, Japan

Former President of Tokyo University of Science (2010~2018)

Photocatalysis International Research Center

Speech Abstract

Speech PPT

Speech Title:Business in the Digital Economy

Ir Professor T.C. Edwin Cheng

IASCYS AcademicianScDPhD

Dean, Faculty of Business

Fung Yiu King – Wing Hang Bank Professor in Business Administration

Chair Professor of Management

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Speech Abstract

Speech Title:Increasing Importance of Coordination and Decision Making

Prof. Shuichi Fukuda

Keio University, Systems Design and Management Research Institute, Japan

Speech Abstract

Speech Title:Emerging Trends in the Hospitality Industry

Dr. Valentina Naumenko

Florida Institute of Technology, USA

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Tokyo University of Science



Chulalongkorn University

National Taipei University of Technology

Royal Holloway University of London

Vilnius University


Tallinn University of Technology

Tokyo University of Technology

Universiti Kuala Lumpur