Fees 費用說明

Early Bird 早鳥價
Before or on Nov. 30


Regular Registration一般註冊
After Nov. 30

Regular Participant 一般會員 *

NT$ 3,000

NT$ 4,000

Student or Assistant 學生、助理

NT$ 1,300

NT$ 1,800

TPS Life Member 永久會員

NT$ 2,400

NT$ 3,000

Member of TPS Sister Associations
物理學會姐妹會 **

Regular Participant

NT$ 3,000

NT$ 4,000

Student or Assistant

NT$ 1,300

NT$ 1,800

Retired TPS Life Member  已退休永久會員



*Regular participants include post-docs, researchers, professors, and the general public.

** List of TPS Sister Associations【Click here


Optional Fees:Banquet NT$1,000/person, Special Price NT$ 600/person for first 300 students, No Child care service due to the COVID19.


Individual payment 個人報名Group payment 團體繳費

Online registration(線上報名)

Individual payment(個人繳費)

Enlist group members(發起團繳)

Group payment(團體繳費)

Each member must complete online registration first.

Group payment SOP


    1. Only payment that is completed before or on November 30, 2022 can enjoy the early bird price.
      早鳥優惠應於 2022 年 11 月 30 日(含)前完成繳費,方可享註冊優待。
    2. Abstract contributors who do not have any research funds may apply for registration fee waivers by selecting the registration fee waiver applicationin the function menu.
    3. Cancellation and refund policy
      Cancellation of registration and application for refund must upload the refund application form and passbook cover to the system before or on December 23, 2022 to complete the application process. Late applications will not be accepted.
      The application fee will be waived within 10 days after the payment is completed. For more than 10 days, a 5% handling fee will be charged.
      Refund Application Form (credit card)     Refund Application Form (the others)
      Refunds will be made by remittance after the annual meeting.
      For refund questions, please contact Hsiao-Ching, Chiang (蔣曉青小姐) (2023nckufinance@phys.ncku.edu.tw)

      取消註冊及申請退費需於 2022 年 12 月 23 日(含)前上傳退費申請表及存摺封面至系統始完成申請程序。逾期恕不受理。
      申請退費於繳費完成 10 日內提出申請免收手續費。超過 10 日則加收 5%的手續費。
      申請退費(信用卡)     申請退費(非信用卡)
      如有退費問題,請聯繫 Ms. Hsiao-Ching, Chiang (蔣曉青小姐) (2023nckufinance@phys.ncku.edu.tw)
    4. Please confirm the receipt’s details clearly. Once the receipt is generated, it cannot be revised.
    5. For environmental considerations, the disposable cups will not be provided in the Annual Meeting of the Physical Society of Taiwan. Please bring your own cups. Thank you.
    6. Please download and fill in the application form and upload it before or on December 23, 2022. Late applications will not be accepted.
      registration fee waiver application
      報名後如需申請註冊費補助請於 2022 年 12 月 23 日(含)前下載物理年會註冊費補助要點暨申請表 (WORD),填寫完並上傳報名系統始完成申請程序,逾期恕不受理。